Worsley Live is a Family Festival and all tickets are sold on the acceptance of the below Terms & Conditions.

Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry.

Entry to the site will be refused if any personnel believe attendees are intoxicated. The following activities are prohibited and any person committing such an activity may be ejected and excluded from the Grounds:
a. the throwing of any object/s anywhere within the Grounds;
b. the use of foul or abusive language, obscene or indecent gestures or chanting, including threatening, abusive or insulting language directed to a person by reason of their colour, race, sexuality, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origins;
c. unauthorised entry onto the stage or any area adjacent to the stage (the “Pit”) to which spectators are not generally admitted;
d. unnecessary, annoying or dangerous behaviour likely to cause distress or nuisance of any kind and/or to interrupt the Event;
e. the climbing onto or into staging, buildings, fences, walls, structures or fittings within the Grounds;
f. the obstruction of paths, access ways, exits, entrances and stairways;
g. the unauthorised use of promotional, commercial, political and religious printed matter, including but not limited to leaflets, banners, clothing, signs, symbols or other material. The following items are prohibited (“Prohibited Items”) within the Grounds:

Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identification intended for ambush marketing, large flags, banners, rattles, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics, air horns, smoke canisters, laser pointers, bottles, any type of glass, cans, cooking devices, golf umbrellas, poles, knives, blades and other articles or containers – including any which could or might be used as a weapon – or any other item which in the reasonable opinion of the organiser or Authorised personnel could be used as a weapon or cause nuisance to others.

SMOKING or VAPING is only permitted in designated areas away from the main festival showground.

Any person found SMOKING or VAPING outside of a designated area may be ejected from the Grounds.

Only food & drink purchased at the festival will be permitted a 500ml sealed bottle of water will be allowed.

Atendees WILL be searched on entry and anyone found with Alcohol will be asked to dispose of it.
No LARGE bags or LARGE rucksacks will be permitted

Wristbands to be worn at all times. Any defaced or damaged wristbands will not be accepted.

Filming and photography will be taking place at this event for use by our marketing team. Should you wish not to be filmed or photographed please inform the photographer or any member of staff.

The gates will be closed at 3pm and no entry will be permitted after this time without prior notification.
Where a “VIP Experience” is offered VIP Tickets require both the Upgrade VIP Experience along with a General Admission Ticket
Tickets are issued at the discretion of the organiser and may be cancelled at anytime.

All our events are photographed and filmed for marketing purposes. Please let the media staff know if you do not wish to appear in any of the footage.